Tips to Keeping Your Tile in Top Shape

What’s more fun than tile flooring?

From honeycomb patterns to light tile and dark granite, there’s a lot to be said about a quality tile flooring job.

Go to Pinterest and search for “tile flooring ideas” and you’ll see hundreds of patterns and colors – but what about after the tile is installed?

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your tile in top shape:

  1. Invest in quality floor mats and protective pads for under your furniture – this will protect your tile from scratches and those ever dreaded cracks
  2. Have any damaged or broken tile professionally removed and replaced immediately
  3. Use a sealer on grout joints a few days after installation
  4. After cleaning your tile and grout, be sure to rinse the area with clear water to remove residue from cleaning products
  5. Use concentrated tile cleaners with neutral pH for regular cleaning on your tile floors
  6. Sweep or vacuum your tile floors before using cleaning products to avoid abrasion from dirt and grit

Just for fun… here are some of our favorite tile inspiration pins from Pinterest:

Laundry Room Tile Flooring

Source: Homelovr on Pinterest

Guest Bathroom Tile Flooring

Source: Home Bunch on Pinterest

Living Room Unique Tile and Flooring

Source: on Pinterest


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