What is a Floating Floor and Why Should I Consider One?

A floating floor is a floor that does not need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor.

The term floating floor refers to the installation method, but is often used synonymously with laminate flooring but is applied now to other coverings such as floating tile systems and vinyl flooring in a domestic context.

What can be installed as a floating floor?

  • Engineered Flooring: In some cases, a few brands of engineered flooring can be installed on a floating basis.

Why would anyone actually be interested in a floating floor?

  • Expansion/Contraction:  Floating floors allow for the floor to move and expand in response to changes in a room’s humidity – this is especially important in very humid climates.
  • Easier to Install:  With floating floors, the floorboards easily attached to each other with no specialized tools such as a floor nailer – this makes it a quicker install than a standard hardwood floor (for example).

Check out some of our floating floor projects in our recent project portfolio.

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